About Bridgetheory


Bridgetheory provides online platform and eLearning development services to a diverse portfolio of international partners.

Our mission is to help humanity-focused organizations and groups connect resources, distribute knowledge, and impact change via the Internet. We work exclusively with organizations that align with our core values and promote the positive advancement of individuals and humanity.

We are a small, diverse team of specialized technologists who share a passion for creating knowledge sharing platforms and empowering humanity through purposeful online communities. We believe that positive communities of practice and learning in a virtual setting can help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Our expertise includes:

  • Online Communities (Conception > Development)
  • Online Learning (eLearning) and Education
  • Platform and Application Development (Including Mobile)
  • System Administration and Program Management
  • Information Systems Security and Privacy
  • Employee/Staff Communities
  • Online Marketing/Product Promotion

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