Helping Your
Small Business
Thrive Online

Affordable and reliable technology services for small businesses:

  • Web & mobile app system development
  • Broad-scale technology consulting
End-to-End Services

Project Management & Maintenance

Choosing and implementing the right systems is critical for your small businesses. We provide flexible services for all phases of project management, as well as platform maintenance and administration.

An Intelligent Design Approach

Build it Right the First Time

We draw from more than 20 years of experience to help small companies and organizations build platforms to solve a variety of complex business needs.

Websites / Storefronts

Small to large solutions for any type of business.

Social Media

Helping you stay connected and engaged with your customers.

Inventory / Tracking

Managing and tracking your products and sales.

System Support

Managing and maintaining your business investment.

Multimedia Content

Helping you tell your story through media content.

App Development

Making your content and services even more accessible.

A Bridge to the future

Building Custom Web Apps & Systems Since 2003

From Silicon Valley to Main Street, Bridgetheory has been helping organizations navigate the complex world of technology, platforms and online content for nearly 20 years.